At Al-Rehman Logistics, we believe that work is something you should take pride in and our goal is to serve our customers in a way that we can be proud of!

Al-Rehman Logistics

Companies trust to Al-Rehman Logistics for exceptional supply chain management services and world-class technology. Why? Customers of all sizes benefit from our cutting-edge approach to transportation management as it helps them streamline and cut costs in their supply chains. However, that just tells part of the tale because your performance isn’t solely dependent on shipments and delivery. It requires trusting connections between clients, carriers, and logistics professionals to succeed. We have a history of forming deep connections with our clients. We make an effort to comprehend their circumstances, requirements, price points, and priorities for both themselves and their clients. We establish ties with our clients. We are concerned.

Our secret sauce: Happy employees = Happy customers.

What Makes Us Different?

Al-Rehman Logistics is a different kind of freight logistics service provider. See what makes our 3rd party logistics company operations stick and why more shippers choose us over other freight logistics providers


Before ever delivering you an estimate, Al-Rehman Logistics conducts research on Route Surveys, Permits, Escorts, Market Rates, and anything else you could require. You receive a complete, legitimate number rather than just a price.


We deal with all parties involved, including the shipper and consignee. This means everything from inventory management and warehouse management to shipment management. We see it through until the end and Satisfaction.


We’ve handled almost every type of shipment there is and that includes winter freight shipping. We have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what it takes to get your project picked up and delivered on time and within budget.

Our Services


In the local market, Al-Rehman Logistics has developed into one of the most dependable and often utilised logistics partners.

Containers Service

Al - Rehman Logistics pride ourselves on providing the perfect bulk and breakbulk shipping solution for all our container customers when it comes to cost and reliability.

Import & Export

If your would like to focus more exclusively on your product and less on the process then let We become your trusted import-export service provide

Inland Transport

All ground transportation services provided by Our Al -Rehman Logistics must meet the highest standards set out in Al-Rehman Logistics' Health, Safety, Security and Environment policy.

Cold Chain

For handling and moving chilled or frozen goods such meats, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, margarine, and dairy products, We offers best solutions.


With a highly qualified technical staff and a hardworking crew, Al-Rehman LogisticsEngineering Fleet Maintenance is entrusted with keeping the entire fleet.

Dedicated Vehicles

Al-Rehman has decades of experience in transporting combustible and dangerous materials and an extremely safe track record.

Contract Logistics

Our contract logistics services reduce the burden of multi-faceted operations into your supply chain, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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