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” The modern, vibrant, and client-winning face of these new-age methods administrations in Pakistan is Al-Rehman Logistics. The approach of Al-Rehman Logistics is to anticipate your needs and promote a modified approach to handling the realization of your expectations. Al-Rehman Logistics is confident that its street transportation organization will meet and exceed the expectations of its expanding clientele. We have improved in key areas of strategy-related activities, including cold chain operations, fluid freight, stockpiling, and dispersion, with the largest armada arrangement in Pakistan. Designing is also the backbone that ensures the dependability of our ongoing operations. One thing remains constant in this shift and advancement as our primary player and inspiration: the faith that Al-Rehman has earned from you – our valued customer ” .

Aamir Mehmood

Owner Al-Rehman Logistics

I am pleased to personally support our teams’ contributions to your success on each project given to us. I’m convinced that the drive we have to go above and beyond for our clients is what has made us the top-tier logistics service provider we are today. In order to distinguish Al Rehman Logistics  Logistics from its rivals, we have made full use of cutting-edge technologies, and our wealth of experience in ocean, land, and air transportation, warehousing, and supply chain management services. These traits provide us a significant advantage over the competition in delivering the “Best-In-Class” integrated supply chain solutions with smooth and transparent operations. When you choose AL Rehman Logistics as your partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that even the most complicated logistics program is in capable hands. We will proactively handle even the most challenging situations and come up with solutions to make sure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time. 

Thank you to everyone who has trusted us. I have faith in the promise of a future brimming with opportunities and challenges, and I know that Al Rehman Logistics will consistently keep its word and work to conduct itself ethically and professionally.

Rana Younis

Owner Al-Rehman Logistics

Rana Younis

About Us

Every business is different and yet many times logisticians use a one size fits all approach. Not at Al-Rehman Logistics. We believe that every shipment should be handled individually and that is why we are committed to designing a shipment plan that is right for your business. With instant door-to-door rates between Pakistan and Other countries and covering virtually every mode of transportation, we offer a painless process from quoting to final delivery.  During your shipment, you will have access to a specialized agent who is an expert in your account. From reporting and notifying, to shipment flow and exception management, Al-Rehman Logistics customizes everything to suit your needs.

Companies trust to Al-Rehman Logistics for exceptional supply chain management services and world-class technology. Why? Customers of all sizes benefit from our cutting-edge approach to transportation management as it helps them streamline and cut costs in their supply chains. However, that just tells part of the tale because your performance isn’t solely dependent on shipments and delivery. It requires trusting connections between clients, carriers, and logistics professionals to succeed. We have a history of forming deep connections with our clients. We make an effort to comprehend their circumstances, requirements, price points, and priorities for both themselves and their clients. We establish ties with our clients. We are concerned.


They are the driving force behind Al-Rehman Logistics and the ones that truly make a difference. Instead of being everywhere, our objective is to be where we can best meet the requirements of our partners and customers around the world. Al-Rehman Logistics was established to “fill a void” in the market and to be situated along all significant global trade routes.

At Al-Rehman Logistics, we believe that work is something you should take pride in and our goal is to serve our customers in a way that we can be proud of!


Our Core Values

Al-Rehman Logistics is second to none in both customer satisfaction and safety.  Our team is phenomenal, with decades of knowledge and experience at our fingertips.  We are very proud of the teamwork and dedication that makes Al-Rehman Logistics an overall market leader

Our Vision

To be a leading freight management company whose dedicated service and innovative solutions help companies realize better service and profitability

Our Mission

We are devoted to being the preferred partner in transportation management.

Using a business model that blends innovation, a dedication to teamwork, and an unwavering customer focus, we will create value.

Excellent customer service and loyalty, being a top employer, and outstanding growth and profitability all contribute to our success.

Our mission is to provide simple, reliable supply chain solutions that empower our customers to succeed in the marketplace and accomplish their goals, and we are doing it through the power of people, processes, and technology.

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